Georgia – The Portal To Florida

While many people want to retire in Florida, they don’t want to pay the prices it requires, and they don’t want to pay the taxes as well. However, there is a much better alternative in Georgia, the state that borders Florida. Georgia offers everything that Florida has for cheaper, and offers quick transportation to major hot spots in Florida, making it a great choice for retirees and people from all walks of life. The state has so much to offer, it’s almost surprising that people choose to settle in Florida at all.

Beaches in Georgia are often less crowded and less polluted than those in their neighboring states. People in Georgia take their stewardship of the beaches seriously, banding together to ensure that they stay pristine and easy for everyone to enjoy. This means that anyone visiting is likely to find a clean and open beach, rather than fighting for a spot on a much dirtier beach down farther south.

Georgia also has much more temperate weather. While they do get some of the weather hazards as they are on the coast, they don’t often get hit as hard as Florida. While the far south is under warnings, people in Georgia are often enjoying their lives. This can be important for people with limited mobility who are hoping to enjoy their retirement. Better weather means less time seeking shelter or feeling uncomfortable in your own home.

Food prices are also lower in this state. They actually have some of the most affordable food prices in the entire USA, with many people choosing to supplement these already cheap prices with their own produce. This results in an incredibly low grocery budget, but an incredibly high standard for healthy eating.

Rent in the area is also rather cheap, even large cities often have apartments for well under $1000. The area has a large number of retiree only communities as well, allowing those on a budget to still be able to come together with people from similar backgrounds. This encourages the building of communities and friendships throughout the area.

Even with all of these amenities, many people find that they want to travel down to Florida for a weekend. For the people who wish to do so, there are bus services, rental cars, and even group trips that go to all of the biggest attractions and back for very low prices.