Georgia – The Peach Of The South

While it may be tempting to think that everything in the south is similar, this is a mistake that makes many people miss out on the best state in the south. I am speaking of course about Georgia, a truly unique gem filled with opportunity, great events, and amazing cuisine. This area is known for the peaches that it produces, but it is also like a peach – sweet, filling, and wholesome.

Georgia has a large variety of beaches that are much better protected than those in Florida. Their lack of notoriety also means that they are much less crowded. This allows resorts and hotels to offer much lower prices for the same experiences. it also means that anyone looking to catch some sun, hang out with their family, and enjoy the ocean is going to be able to do so without fighting huge crowds. This also means that their beaches are in much more pristine condition, without litter and excess cigarette butts that can sometimes be found on more popular beaches.

The country music scene is also very alive within this state. However, more traditional rock and roll has also found a place, bringing in bands from around the world. This means that there are a huge variety of concerts, up and coming bands, and tribute groups in this state. This allows visitors and residents alike to have one of a kind musical experiences any time of the year.

The weather in this area is also much more mild that the states on either side. This allows for better produce to grow, but also for better results when planning a vacation. Many people find that they actually prefer Georgia to any other state, as they know that it is almost always nice out in this state.

The weather can be quite temperate as well. While it never gets too cold, a cool breeze can be felt even on the hottest of days, while seasonal rains seem to re-create the landscape every year. These welcome breaks from the heat make every day much more pleasant.

Georgia also has a huge variety of southern and Cajun cooking available for those who want to sample it. Everything from bourbon street cuisine to alligator and more can be found at the more traditional restaurants in the area. In addition, more international cuisine is easy to find as well, ensuring that the appetites of everyone who visits will be catered to without problem.