Bahamas Vacation Rental - Clifford Sawyer House

The Sawyer House, a Bahamas vacation rental house, is a delightful out island getaway, located in the heart of Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas.

Offering more privacy than Bahamas hotels, this ideal family vacation hide-a-way, is available for monthly or weekly rentals. Our Bahamian home sleeps 7 and offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a loft. Each bedroom has a queen size bed and the loft has two double beds.

Here's what you'll love about Elbow Cay: Cool ocean breezes, Pristine sandy beaches, Crystal clear waters, Great fishing, Unspoiled beauty, Friendly people, Safe and family oriented, Remote but accessible, Beautiful flora and fauna, Great snorkeling and diving, Incredible sailing

Ideally situated close to the ocean, between a beautiful, white powder, sand beach and the harbour with its famous candy-striped lighthouse. Just steps away from swimming, boating, sailing, snorkelling, diving, beach combing, biking, fishing, gift shops, groceries, restaurants and night life yet it is located in a peaceful, serene area. The Clifford House has wheel chair access.

Private rental owners David and Ann Allison, invite you to enjoy all the amenities of a quaint vacation home in the Bahamas.

Between rentals the house is professionally cleaned and maintained. The Clifford House has just undergone major renovations which include new, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, decks and laundry facilities. Home Amenities are as follows:

* Central Air Conditioning
* 2 bedrooms, each with queen size bed, adjoining bathrooms
* 1 loft with two double beds
* Two bathrooms
* Laundry facilities, washer & dryer
* Computer and cable Internet connection, free internet phone, free calls to US & Canada
* Private Tropical Gardens with furnished outdoor patio & deck for entertaining, seats eight
* Outdoor hot & cold shower
* Cable TV - CD Player - Ceiling fans
* Boat dock within 50 yards - Beach within 100 yards
* Vernon's grocery 50 yards away (fresh baked bread every morning except Sunday)
* Located in the settlement of Hope Town with easy access to restaurants and shops
* Telephone with answering machine (Clifford house number is 242 366 0352)
* VHF radio
* As of the end of February the Sawyer House will have a private pool

The house is equipped with a laptop computer and cable internet connection for guests. You will be able connect to the web to keep in touch. A VHF radio is provided and every morning there is a broadcast of the weather forecast for the day. This is a very interesting informal session where local restaurants also let everyone know what specials they have for the day. For example, some of the restaurants have pig roasts on a weekly basis. Many people have their sail boat there or are chartering so this is a good way of communicating.

What should I pack?

Pack light. The reason that you're coming to The Bahamas is to get away from the big city turmoil and that includes dress requirements, so your wardrobe should reflect the informality that you will experience. There is no requirement for jacket/tie for the men or dressy clothes and stockings for the women. Bring lightweight clothing; shorts, T-shirts, short sleeved shirts, and maybe a pair of cotton slacks. Mostly what you'll wear is a swim suit although you should cover up if you are going into any of the villages or shops. From November to April it is a good idea to toss in a sweater for the occasional cool evening. A rain jacket is also handy in case of a spot of liquid sunshine. You will find that you will need sunscreen and perhaps a sun hat.

A few cell phones work without any special effort but most do not. The Clifford House telephone number is 242 366 0352. An answering machine is provided for your convenience.

Electrical voltage is the same as in the US. In years past, brownouts and blackouts were common, but are now of short duration and infrequent. Still, there may be outages and the best way to deal with them is to maintain a good attitude. A sure way to get the power back on is to begin consuming the beverages in the fridge that are getting hot.

Drinkable water on the island comes from rain collection via gutters/cisterns or reverse osmosis water makers. It is perfectly safe. While there is no restriction on water usage, conservation is always a good idea and greatly appreciated.

About Bahamas

The climate is subtropical in nature, with temperature swings held in check by the vast amounts of surrounding water. Fall and spring are delightful, with warm days and pleasantly cool nights. Summers are hotter all around, but comfortable due to constant trade winds off the ocean. Winters are quite pleasant, with temperatures seldom lower than the 60s in the evening. A light sweater or jacket is the extent of needed winter wear.

Despite being an island and a long way from the US mainland, there are telephones, fax machines, computers, the internet, and cable TV. Telephone calls to the US require an access number for your US carrier. These calls tend to be expensive. Many cell phones will work, though this should not be relied upon. In some cases, cell phone calls are cheaper. The phone number at the Clifford Sawyer House is 242-366-0352. A fast cable internet connection and laptop computer enable guests to keep in touch during their vacation. The Clifford Sawyer House also has cable TV with a wide selection of channels.

Getting Around Hope Town and Elbow Cay
From Hope Town, Elbow Cay stretches a couple of miles to the north to a newly developed area called North Hope Town and five miles south to Tahiti Beach, a beautiful, sheltered, palm fringed beach. Tahiti Beach itself is easier to reach by boat. On the way to Tahiti Beach, by road, is another settled area called White Sound that also incorporates an impressive hotel, bar and restaurant. Sea Spray Resort and Marina also on White Sound has extensive services and the excellent Boathouse Restaurant If you are in the village; the beaches, restaurants, grocery stores and other services are within walking distance. The restaurants outside the village will send free transportation to pick you up. If you are staying outside of Hope Town you will require a boat or a golf cart to get back and forth to shops, restaurants and ferries. You can easily rent boats, golf carts or bicycles but you should make arrangements well in advance as they are often totally booked up.

The Locals
The locals are descendents of British Loyalists that fled the southern states in Revolutionary War times, hence they are fiercely independent (even of their own government), and their accents still retain vestiges of their British ancestry. They are sincere and unobtrusively friendly.

Money Matters
Bahamian currency and US currency are equal in value, and either is readily accepted. Spend your Bahamian money toward the end of your visit to avoid returning home with useless money (at least until your next trip!). Most businesses accept credit cards so large amounts of cash or traveler's checks are unnecessary, however there are no ATMs on the island.